Lets talk about Boohoođź‘»

I have been obsessing over boohoo ever since I stumbled upon the website about a year ago. I am literally on there at least once a day and the shopping addiction is soooooo real. I cam across the website while I was searching for an outfit for an upcoming concert. I wanted to look really good but as many college students are, IM BROKE. After searching the internet for days, I came across boohoo.

First of all, their clothes are so damn cute. Everything on the website is up to date on all the fashion trends. They have mens, women, and kids, as well as plus size and maternity. Finding good quality, affordable and fashionable clothes are hard to find in general, but being plus size is even harder. I immediately fell in love with the brand right then and there. Seeing how on trend everything was for someone my size was hands down the best thing I had seen all year.

Again I say, I AM BROKE. But I’m a girl with a shopping addiction as well. After filling up my online cart with a bunch of things I didn’t need, I decided to check the prices…. To my surprise I was actually able to afford the countless number of dresses I had thrown into my cart (which is usually just a long list of items I can’t afford but want so I just keep them in there just incase one day I strike gold). Not only could I afford them at full price, but this website stole my heart with their constant discounts. They have discounts running all day everyday. The discount ranges anywhere from 30%-50% off your order and on some occasions even 60%. YES 60% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. That is unheard of.

In the past 6 months I am embarrassed to say that I have spent all my money on clothes from this website. But what is a shopaholic to do when you give me quality, on trend clothes for dirt cheap? I know it sounds too good to be true, so go check out the website.




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