Fashion Shows: Then & Now

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In the late 1800s & early 1900s fashion shows were marketing vehicles that were used to entice companies wealthy clients into buying their latest designs. Fashion shows were extremely simplistic before the extravagant over the top productions that fashion shows are now. What used to be formal private events, have turned into high budget productions.

My favorite change has been the production.  The catwalk used to be straight forward nothing crazy, now they twist and turn, some even have stairs. The shows used to be held in small venues such as hotels. Runways are now placed in exotic places and turned into sets. Karl Lagerfeld has thought up some of my favorite shows. He has made his shows so surreal, turning them into airport terminals and supermarkets. Lagerfeld has truly blurred the line between the catwalk and everyday life. He really proved this to be true in 2007 when he turned The Great Wall of China into a runway for Fendi.


Fashion shows have been constantly changing and advancing since the very beginning. Although it is all about the clothing designs, the production has become a lot of what people look at as well. I am so excited to see how fashion shows progress in the future.


Check out the Fendi Great Wall of China show:


Michael Costello NYFW

Michael Costello’s show had to have been my favorite this year. The show itself was pretty basic, nothing crazy. The dresses on the other hand were anything but ordinary. If it were socially acceptable to wear all of his dresses out for everyday errands, I would. Every single piece was elegant yet sexy.

Although my eyes widened a little more as each model walked down the runway, there were three specific pieces that have my heart.

My first obsession was this absolutely stunning piece. There was so much movement in these dresses. Also each piece had such a sensual touch, but Costello always keeps it classy. My favorite part of this piece was the neck line. The lace was a beautiful touch to the gown, taking it from the stunning neckline all the was down to the upper thigh.


My second favorite was the mens suit he designed. Costello used Tyson Beckford to model the first piece to his recently announced menswear line. This suit was nothing but basic. This slick burgundy suit caught my eye with its eclectic pattern. Some said it was too much but I personally think it all worked perfectly together.


My final obsession of this show was this sexy red gown. Again, the movement of the dress was what caught my eye. The color red of the dress was beautiful. There was a very sensual lingerie look to this piece that made me fall in love even more.



Check out the full show here: